Elini USA

Executive: Mr. Nisso Barokas

Founded: 1999

Website: www.Elini.com

Elini: History in the Making

Nili and Nisso Barokas hail from a family with a 60 year tradition in design, distribution and manufacturing of diamonds and jewelry. In 1989, they founded Elini in Antwerp, Belgium, the same year of the birth of their daughter, Eline -- the natural inspiration for the company name.

Visionaries that they are, Nili and Nisso recognized the changing trends in the worldwide demand for diamond jewelry, thus initiating a variable production of different lines of jewelry, ranging from fashionable gold jewelry, to those set with precious stones and gems to the most exclusive signature diamond-set pieces.

Today, the Elini jewelry collection contains over 20,000 different designs, including: rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklace, sets, hairpins, brooches and specially made pieces -- all of which are manufactured in the company-owned factory employing 700 skilled workers who craft each and every piece by hand to perfection.

By having their own production facilities, the impeccable reputation and professionalism gained through years of experience by the dynamic young and talented team, Elini has positioned itself as a world-renowned, well-recognized brand. Elini is successfully collaborating with television networks, high-end department stores, celebrities and other important organizations, which showcase the Elini brand products alongside their most prestigious programs and collections.

Being in constant pursuit of new and exciting designs that will help to continue positioning the ELINI brand in the market and to satisfy the growing demand among our clients, Elini has implemented their knowledge and experience gained in the jewelry industry to launch the natural next step in the evolution of their brand -- an exclusive and unique watch collection, “Elini Time Jewels.” The creation of the Time Jewels collection completed our transition from a world leading jewelry manufacturer into a world renowned brand name for watches and jewelry.

We at Elini consider our clients as our most valuable assets, and as such we hold customer service and satisfaction to the highest degree. Our offices in Antwerp, Belgium serve as the headquarters for European and Middle Eastern market, whereas the North and South American markets are served directly from our headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Elini is always in pursuit of innovation, seeking to follow our customer’s demands, the latest fashion trends, and of course new designs that seek to push the industry forward by using our incomparable sense of creation. We consistently look into the future from a dreamer’s standpoint, knowing that our company will always excel in any field, leading the way in the jewelry and watch industry, with excitement, creativity and most importantly customer satisfaction.
Email address: usa@elini.com

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Website: www.Elini.com
Email: usa@elini.com

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